What is DoS / DDoS / PDoS Attacks ?? How are they working?

By | December 17, 2018

What is DoS / DDoS / PDoS Attacks ??

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DoS (Denial of Service Attack) or DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service Attack) is primarily a non-availability of a web site or services.

If I get a case, get A \ L O \ L out of the way and then get into doenets.lk and try to get many people to be unavailable website, but not the site.
The reason is that many people at the same time come to the site, the maximum traffic limit can be allowed to give it to the site … but the Webserver’s webserver is the same as the computers we see everyday, but rather, the more server, server, server a computer that uses a oscilloscope … What can you do if hundreds of thousands of people use this webserver like our computer as well ..Tava start using others to tile it working together is essential yanavā..ē said webserver ganana users or their quantity demanded will not be held ..

DoS / DDoS Attack is designed to create a fake traffic like this. Although there is no such type of traffic, the webserver is stuck because of the false one that we have. The Bandwidth Limit will end if it’s over. The web site is unavailible for everyone.

That’s it’s just a DoS / DDoS attack.

Then PDoS – Permanent Denial of Service is a disaster in a network device. It makes a difference in the hardware components of a computer. This is the only thing we’ll talk about later.

Types of DoS / DDoS Attacks

DoS / DDoS Attack is a different kind of thing.

Volume Based Attacks – Simply stated, in this case, a large traffic will be sent to the targeted website … and then the band bandwidth limit of the site is collapsed. This type of attack is under this attack. The speed of the attack is measured by bits per second (Bps) ..Up- UDP floods, ICMP floods
Protocol Attacks-In this case, the webserver consume a lot of resources. Packets of data packets point to a large web server. This is how the web server gets stuck. This speed is measured by packets per second. SYN floods, fragmented packet attacks , Ping of Death
Application Layer Attacks – It’s the web site that searches through the search bar, so there are a lot of big inquiries. Normally, the most effective way is to do this. What does it save our data and attack it?
How DoS / DDoS Attack?

As I told you first, how good is the prospect of how many people use the web site one time the same time on a lonely site. We do not have a web site installed for either of two of us for a big traffic. Also, now, web servers look at the same IP address If there is a traffic accident, then blocking and blocking IP.

Thousands of computers around the world are being used by an attacker to take millions of people to their grip. This is how you use zombie computer to gain control. We can use the following messages to deal with a computer like zombie computer. Zombie computers are collecting hundreds of millions of people. In this way, collect zombie computers, collectively, botnet, or a robot network.

If there are those who do not understand what I mean, I’ll understand more.
.com / proxy /

The attacker-the attacker-tells the story of an attacker.
The zombie-attacker is sometimes referred to as a computer-controlled computer that is controlled by various means. However, the owners of these zombie computers do not know that they are controlled by someone else. Your computer may also be unaware of it!
control / handler- attacker is a software or program used to control all zombie computers.
botnet-zombie computer is all that is added to the created network. It uses botnet for various purposes such as DoS attacks, spam and bank account details.
The victim-victimer is known to me

An attacker makes a big botnet like this, and thousands of computers on the botnet give it DoS Attacks .. That means the site quickly becomes an innocent website.


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