TOP 4 of the technological innovations in 2018

By | October 11, 2018

From artificial intelligence which is able to create images, splendid hearing aids that can translate in real time, from the anticipation of various diseases and an evaluation of the person thanks to genetics … 2018 brought several technologies to take a leap forward in terms of technological innovations. The MIT technical review lists those that will have a great impact. To establish your selection, we have focused on the innovations that will change the lives of the population, that will reshape our lives, so that everyone stays informed.

Last year was the bots, the deep learning or the autonomous car. What does the 2018 sustain? Place the 4 main technologies that may be interesting for you in different areas of life.

1- Voice commands.

Present for the first time at CES, Google has presented its Google Home assistant. Amazon is no longer alone in this market, although it still dominates with its 5,000 brains mobilized to ensure its development. The use of the voice command is becoming more and more recurrent. Now, this function is present in HP PCs or JBL headphones, for example. The Chinese are not left out: Alibaba came with Tmall Genie, his speaker connected, each one tries to propose the most beautiful offer of services and connected objects. The battle is beginning!

2- After connected wellness, health.

Many start-ups have invested in the broad health sector. Several fairly pointed products illustrate this trend as Siren, a sock for diabetics, or Hip’Air, an air pocket designed to protect a fractured hip from a relapse.

3- The company becomes digital.

The population is aging but is increasingly connected. Hence the many systems to ensure telepresence among the elderly and put them in touch with their families. Products such as CareClever presented a fellow robot who walks freely around the house to see what happens with the elderly. And Domalys launched Aladin, a smart lamp that detects falls.

5- The autonomous car accelerates.

The Valeo caused a strong impression with these eleven autonomous and electric cars that ran in a space in front of the North Plaza exhibition center. A show of strength that is based on the work of several development teams around the whole world. Now we talk less about technology and more marketing, several concept cars have been presented as the Toyota Van e-Palette delivery van. This is just amazing.


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