These are the technological advances that have surprised in 2018

By | October 11, 2018

The line between fiction and reality is perhaps thinner than we think. When we see the technological evolution and the progress made every day, sometimes there is something hallucinating. Among the increasingly fast means of transport, the new capabilities offered to man for his daily life or the impressive advances made in medicine, it is clear that the future will not be there tomorrow because we are already there.

Innovation n ° 1: leisure drones, for the army or companies.

If we talk a lot about recreational drones or the army, the giants plan to use it to deliver their customers. Leading the innovations is, of course, Amazon, which experienced this for a few months in the United States and the Netherlands in particular. A true revolution for this technologywill still take time to get going. In fact, the authorities are extremely cautious on the subject, but in the case of validation by the different countries of the world, we are close to an extraordinary turmoil.

Innovation n ° 2: Internet, accessible to all.

Internet everywhere, for everyone, even in the most remote areas of the planet, is Google’s dream with Google Loon. They are balloons propelled to the limit of the stratosphere and allow the connection to the internet. Sri Lanka has recently announced that it is becoming the first country to benefit. A technological breakthrough that could allow some states to catch up economically and allow greater openness to the world.

Innovation n ° 3: increasingly smart cities.

Slowly but surely the technology is moving towards “advanced cities”, or smart cities. In New York, bridges have been equipped with sensors to monitor the health of bridges and identify cracks or damaged cables. On the side of Copenhagen, the bicycle lanes are equipped with LEDs that guide cyclists to avoid a red light.

Innovation n ° 4: another way of seeing things with virtual and augmented reality headsets.

Oculus-Rift, Hololens, Project Morpheus, remember these names very well, because they will revolutionize the game rules, and not that in the coming years. The total immersion in this technology in a virtual world is the promise of these innovations. If Hololens is more interested in augmented reality, the examples are no less impressive. Wait for a helmet in your head and you will understand what we are talking about, an experience to do once in life.


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