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By | November 16, 2018

Deng Chiyong’s Japanese trip

That is October 2, 1978. Deng Xionging, a special head of state, is traveling to China from Japan. Deng, aged 74, is said to have been very busy in the Japanese tour. But he needed to travel on a high-speed train prior to the end of any trip. Accordingly, the first high speed rail line constructed in the world, Shinkansen is the 1964 high-speed rail line. For the first time in a high-speed railway, Deng Xiongeng in response to a journalist’s question said: “Very fast. This train runs like the wind. It feels like you’re pushing to run. We’re on the right train. ”

DEN HAIOGENING This is the expression of the origin of the Chinese high-speed line, according to history.

Expert opinions

Two months after DEN’s visit to Japan, the Third Plannery Session of the Chinese Communist Party, the 11th Central Committee Conference, came up with a number of ideas about how to build economic development on reform and openness. In the meantime, the importance of introducing high-speed trains to China was discussed.

The speed limit at that time was within China’s average trains. Million. M. There were opinions on the need for China to use high-speed railways because of the 80 percent. But it emerged that China needed high-speed railways. Many experts have expressed their views in this regard and in favor of the future, and many experts have said that the high speed train will become a major feature of the Chinese economy.

Their argument was that high-speed railways should be erected in order to become an important element in the future economic development. However, the protesters told the highway that they were not expensive and expensive in the countries where the high-speed train was expensive and damaged.


Inauguration of China’s highway, the Ministry of Railways had submitted a report to the Chinese State Council on high-speed trains in the field of high-speed technology in 1990. As it was described, construction of high-speed railways in major cities is said to be necessary.

Accordingly, the same year, the Chinese Central Government invested 10.716 billion yuan for construction of the railways. The investment is said to be 6.3% of the Chinese government’s investment in the same year.

China Highway Train Program

It was proposed to construct the high speed railway line from Beijing to Shanghai. Discussions on the problems of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railroad were discussed at length and more than 50,000 pages of them were prepared. The report finally concluded that the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway was essential, and the construction should begin soon. According to the report, it was important that the government approve the approval as soon as possible. They had begun the construction in 1995 and could end at the end of 2000. Accordingly, the construction of the high speed railway line is said to have been carried out by the Railway Department in the same year.


In the hurry, the construction of the high-speed railroad has been largely ignored. The former Chief Engineer of the Shanghai Railway Bureau, Yuxhang and the former Vice President of the Planning Design Institute of the Ministry of Transport, Yao Zhuo, both supported the strong opposition. They mainly stated that the construction of high-speed railways is economically damaging to the country.

However, the Ministry of Railways again organized a seminar on this issue. There were reports in opposition and against the construction of express trains, and there was an election. In the end, however, it was decided that the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail line should be constructed.

Finally, China’s high speed rail

The only thing that happened with all of this debate was the construction of high speed railways delaying the beginning. Accordingly, the construction of the Beijing-Shanghai High Speed ​​Railway began in 2008. The length of the railway that is opened in 2011 is at a distance. M. 1318 million. Starting from 2017, its speed is at Million. M. 350.

The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail track, which was built in the middle of the arsenal, is currently the highest-earning railroad in China. The total revenue earned in 2015 is 6.6 billion Yuan.

This is the beginning of the Chinese railway network in mid-2018. M. To a distance of up to 27,000. By the year 2025, the distance to the high speed rail system. M. China’s intention is to expand to 38,000.


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