How to repair broken lap screen

By | April 1, 2020

A dying or broken monitor doesn’t mean that your laptop is a paperweight. A screen repair costs up to $100 for most laptops, and a maximum of two hours of your time. If you’re a DIY, it’s a great way to save cash by repairing a damaged laptop screen yourself as most computer repair shops will charge you $200 to $350 for the job.

Here are one by one instructions on replacing the LCD for your damaged laptop.

Give your laptop a complete look-up and inspection before doing anything to ensure that the screen really needs replacement. For example, if the graphics card on the motherboard is dead, you might be wasting your time and effort to replace a perfectly good screen. Furthermore, if the laptop has recently been dropped or probably somehow physically harmed, you’ll want to double-check for other damage.

You should connect a desktop monitor or TV into the laptop to ensure the graphics card is working, as most have a standard blue VGA display and/or HDMI output. If on an external display the picture looks fine, your graphics card will probably be good and the screen will be at fault.

If you don’t get an image, some laptops allow you to press certain function keys to enable the external display output on the laptop. If you do that and you do not show video yet, your graphics card and/or motherboard is likely to be broken rather than your screen.
If the laptop outputs successfully to another monitor, use the computer for a while to ensure that the keyboard and other laptop components continue to function normally.

Once you remove the LCD of your laptop, here are the warnings regarding the general measures that follow. Nevertheless, this is not meant to be a guide for macbooks, two-in – one, smartphones, notebooks or another, more advanced ultrabooks. It’s more of average laptops run of the mill. But even then the general steps I’m addressing aren’t sufficient for all those laptops. Some will require a different procedure and/or more effort to replace the glass, for example accessing the motherboard by opening the laptop’s main case.

Screen replacement

Because of that important caveat, it may be a good idea to try to remove the damaged screen first before buying a new LCD, to make sure that you can do the replacement. If the procedure looks different for your laptop after the first few steps, I suggest scouring Google and YouTube or finding a repair specialist on your specific laptop brand and model for further help.

It’s normally easy to find a new LCD, and you don’t have to pay the crazy prices that the manufacturer usually requires. Simply search for eBay, Amazon or Google with your Laptop model number and LCD screen names. For as low as $80 to $100 you’ll notice most standard displays can be had. If you can’t find it, try other mark or paperwork identification numbers on your laptop. Many vendors have one or two different identification numbers sets that could function as the number of your brand.

When shopping for the LCD, most sellers will warn you about your current screen to compare the specs and position the video cable at the back of their device. This is another explanation for the laptop bezel to crack open before requesting a replacement. But, from my own experience, it usually works if the seller claims that the computer is compatible with your exact laptop model.


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