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Cheap and Quality 3 Air conditioner brands

Hitachi Hitachi is recommended for being one of India’s best AC brands. The Japanese founded the brand in 1910. This AC Brand is one of the Asian market’s leading air conditioning brands. This success is the product of the high performance and reliability that their air conditioners provide. Most of Hitachi’s Air Conditioners are of… Read More »

How to solve the 10 most common tech problems

Whether you’re struggling with your dad’s 10 year-old computer or your own custom built gaming system, troubleshooting PC problems is part of everyday life. Nonetheless, try your hand at diy tech support before you make the $60 call. We spoke to some of the company’s best support reps about the most common problems they fix… Read More »

How to repair broken lap screen

A dying or broken monitor doesn’t mean that your laptop is a paperweight. A screen repair costs up to $100 for most laptops, and a maximum of two hours of your time. If you’re a DIY, it’s a great way to save cash by repairing a damaged laptop screen yourself as most computer repair shops… Read More »

5 Reasons why iPhone is Safer than Android mobile phones

Safety is not the first thing most people think of when they start smartphone shopping. We care about features, user-friendliness, size, style and that used to be right.But now that most people have huge amounts of personal data on their phones, more important than ever is safety. As for your smartphone’s stability, every operating system… Read More »

All About Battery Recycling

Battery recycling is the method of battery reuse and reprocessing, aimed at reducing the amount of batteries disposed of as industrial waste. Batteries contain many poisonous chemicals and heavy metals and their disposal has been causing environmental concerns due to water and soil pollution. As such, recycling of batteries is important to meet environmental and… Read More »

samsung one ui-os

With TouchWiz, Samsung’s first Galaxy S phone brought its own different looks to Android. But most people did not enjoy it. Pure android users complained about various Animation, Icon variations and colors, as well as thousands of apps that are installing Apps. Later, in 2016, the Samsung Experience Interface was introduced, and now simplifying it,… Read More »

The china railway express

Deng Chiyong’s Japanese trip That is October 2, 1978. Deng Xionging, a special head of state, is traveling to China from Japan. Deng, aged 74, is said to have been very busy in the Japanese tour. But he needed to travel on a high-speed train prior to the end of any trip. Accordingly, the first… Read More »