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6 Best Free Cloud Storage Services in 2020

Cloud Computing is a revolution in the IT world that has altered the business sense of IT services. Cloud computing is related in simple terms to providing cloud computing services–storing, computing, networking, database, and more, over the internet. Cloud storage is what we have intentionally or unintentionally adopted; Free Cloud storage options are booming all… Read More »

The bitcoin bubble

In general, bitcoin bubbles tend to grow after a fresh wave of new users enter the market.The first Bitcoin bubble registered popped out in 2011. Later a second bubble followed this in late 2013. After that bubble burst the market had to wait four years before they all exploded spectacularly with the biggest Bitcoin bubble.… Read More »

What is a Ransomware

Let’s Identify Ransomware Ransomware Defined Ransomware is malicious software for one purpose: to extortion money from its victims. It is one of the most popular criminal business models in existence today, due mostly to the demand from individuals and corporations of the multimillion-dollar ransoms offenders.Such requests are very simple: pay the ransom, or have severely… Read More »

The china railway express

Deng Chiyong’s Japanese trip That is October 2, 1978. Deng Xionging, a special head of state, is traveling to China from Japan. Deng, aged 74, is said to have been very busy in the Japanese tour. But he needed to travel on a high-speed train prior to the end of any trip. Accordingly, the first… Read More »