6 Best Free Cloud Storage Services in 2020

By | April 1, 2020

Cloud Computing is a revolution in the IT world that has altered the business sense of IT services. Cloud computing is related in simple terms to providing cloud computing services–storing, computing, networking, database, and more, over the internet. Cloud storage is what we have intentionally or unintentionally adopted; Free Cloud storage options are booming all around.

The cloud storage has become a prized possession of very small and large business groups today. Businesses tend not to rely on expensive hardware, and thus want to transfer their data to the best available free cloud storage. But there are many enterprises with very little cloud storage experience, and are therefore plagued by the conventional computing devices ‘ blind beliefs.

We’ve assembled this blog to help them understand what cloud storage is and what are the best cloud storage options available for their companies to support those businesses. Let’s kick off!

What is Cloud Storage?

There are many benefits associated with traditional methods of storing data such as hard drives and pen drives, or any other storage device. Yet once all the stored data gets corrupted the storage system gets lost. Therefore the use of cloud storage functions as a replacement of conventional storage devices where users can store their data on hardware and USB flash drives to hold their backup files.

When it’s time for them to turn to new software or technology, the IT companies are always stressed out as this makes them recruit more workers, but with the best free cloud storage available, the IT sector’s investment has decreased relative. Several free business solutions have been launched by the best free cloud storage club members to help their quest for free storage.

List of Top 10 Free Cloud Storage Available in 2020

These days there are a number of free cloud storage options. These cloud storage devices are easy to use and offer up to 50 GB of free storage space. Such storage systems can be used for both personal and business storage. All you need is to get some basic knowledge about this free cloud storage and choose the one that is most suitable. Here we bring the list of best free cloud storage, let’s dive deeply to learn more about these solutions for cloud storage.

Google Drive

As we know that all online storage works the same way i.e. we use a file, store it on the web and sync it on our computers. But there are many standing Google Drive features that make it unique among all the other cloud storage because it allows users to individually store their personal stuff, and Google’s free cloud storage also provides excellent free 15 GB storage and is one of the best cloud storage.

The offline services provided by Google Drive help its users view all of the files and photos that are saved online even when they have poor network service. Scanning documents have now become much simpler by simply taking a picture of the document and the rest is achieved through the drive like storing them in PDF form. Google’s free cloud storage is considered the best that’s built into all other Google services.

Media Fire

Media Fire is easy to use, and one of the best free online cloud storage to store documents and images. The initial free storage offered by media fire is 10 GB but their awesome feature is that free storage can be expanded up to 50 GB. This cloud storage has many features which have enabled file handling.

Media fire has allowed multiple files to be uploaded from any browser at once which is a unique feature and makes it different from the others. It has become easier to organize files inside Media Fire’s file manager. Looking for something that gives the perfect features of a personal document? The Media Fire is here to ease your search, as it lets users send documents with a one-time specialized and free connection that enables the recipients to share it further.


The Mega cloud storage is a great storage service that is much like the dropbox storage but the difference between the two is the amount of space the cloud storage offers them. To Mega cloud storage users 50 GB of free space is available. Mega cloud storage helps users to download multiple files into the zip file, and it is also possible to upload files via the mobile app.

The unbeatable 50 GB storage made it one of the most popular free cloud storage available, attracting a large number of users to Mega cloud storage. Users looking for an excellent backup file solution should definitely sign up for Mega cloud storage, as it only provides the best storage but also the many security features.


Because of its great backup features, this is one of the strong and new free cloud storage compared to any other cloud storage. In the Dropbox, any type of small and large powerpoint presentations, photos, videos, or perhaps even other large CAD files can be kept safe. Dropbox provides users with easy synchronization features which help access the Dropbox files and documents from any computer.

Dropbox free storage offers many extremely helpful features for consumers. One of the useful features is that a user can secure all of the files and documents in a missing computer by wiping the documents from the system using the remote wipe function it offers. Dropbox free storage provides a good free storage space (2 GB) but in the case of users wanting more room, there are many plans that can help them get the storage they want.


With top free cloud storage tools such as Microsoft OneDrive, it became possible to keep documents and data within reach. Microsoft’s sign-up will help users keep everything in one place. It previously provided users with 15 GB of free space, but has now dropped to 5 GB. It can be accessed at any point of time from any device but is pre-installed in windows. This cloud storage is considered after the Dropbox storage cloud to be the second most wanted storage among businessmen.

The main drawback of outlook was the user frustration of saving email attachments due to the number of steps involved, but it has now become easier for businesses to select email attachments and save them directly in folders. Creating and storing Excel surveys in OneDrive has also become simpler now.

Amazon Drive

This is another best available free cloud storage that allows the users to safely store images and data. This cloud storage has many features which have enabled file handling. With the powerful features of Amazon Drive, maintaining a seamless workflow, i.e. sharing photos, videos, and documents, has now become simpler. Upon signing up it offers 24* 7 support and 5 GB of free storage.


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