2020 Best Gadgets

By | April 1, 2020

NAD M10 BluOS Streaming Amplifier price-2617USD

TGiven its compact design, this wireless speaker retains the power and performance of an audio system with surround sound. Ideal for setting the scene for onboard parties and dinners, the M10 can download and play high-quality music from a number of services including Itunes, Spotify and Tidal, and can also support Alexa or Google voice controls.

SPOT X two-way satellite messenger Price- 391USD

This system is literally a life-saver; the SPOT X messenger facilitated 29 emergency rescues during 2019. The app can keep users in contact with the outside world when it is out of mobile range, bluetooth pairs with the user’s phone and can run on a single charge for up to 10 days. More significantly, the S.O.S. button will transfer the user’s GPS location immediately to an emergency response service.

Cleer Flow II Headphones Price 325USD

The latest model of waterproof, sound-cancelling headphones has upped their game with cleaner audio. The Flow II headphones now feature a dialogue mode in addition to a google-voice aided control system, allowing for a temporary reduction in volume and sound cancelling by pressing the left earcup. Ideal for dipping or listening to announcements in and out of conversations.

Skyroam Solis X WiFi Smartspot Price 235USD

The new portable Skyroam WIFI hotspot is a cut above the rest, offering a variety of other features besides providing 4 G connectivity wherever your superyacht takes you around the world. This small but powerful gadget boasts a wide angle camera lens, a smart assistant, a battery bank for charging your other electronics and the ability to connect simultaneously with up to 10 different devices. Ideal to keep you safe, entertaining and up-to-date as you cruise the high seas.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Price -1307USD

Samsung’s latest tech deal once again puts the company and its rivals on an even playing field. The Galaxy Note 10 + features a high-quality, expansive screen, professional standard cameras, and mobile-packed laptop-level storage. Available with either a 6.3 or 6.8 inch screen, the Note 10 + provides super fast charging and extra long battery as well as powerful processors that make quality gaming, uploading and streaming much better than ever before.

What also sets this phone apart is the note function Complete with an S Pen, users can manually jot down notes or create doodles on the phone’s screen and then save, upload or share their work instantly.The pen can also be used to monitor telephone applications and functions such as shifting the camera angle or reducing the volume.

Pocketalk Voice Translator Price -391USD

The pocket talk speech translator is a must-have tool for the well-traveled. Wherever your next trip takes you, this pocket-sized tech translator will make communication between foreigners and locals much smoother. Simply talk in your mother tongue to the user and the conversation will be translated immediately on the screen of the device. The computer has programmed up to 74 different languages, and its built-in data and integrated microphones can ensure nothing is ever lost in translation.

12.9in iPad Pro Price-1465USD

Apple’s top-of – the-range tablet has undergone a drastic makeover with a tiny bezel that raises the size of the Liquid Retina screen without increasing the overall dimensions; in addition, Apple has managed to compress the casing down to 5.9 mm thickness. The home button is gone, replaced with Face ID and a series of intuitive gesture controls, while the much-maligned Lightning cable has been replaced with USB-C, and the Apple Pencil has been redesigned and now charges wirelessly from the iPad. If you like tablet ease and want to replace your laptop, you won’t find it any better, particularly if you opt for 1 TB memory and both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity.


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